Zephyr PM compressors

The PM-series Zephyr compressor technology allows for the precise adjustment of the required amount of compressed air. In combination with high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motors, PM-series compressors achieve a constant efficiency of up to 97% over the entire control range. The energy savings are up to 40% compared to standard screw compressors.

Advantages of Zephyr PM compressors:

  • High-efficiency, maintenance-free synchronous permanent magnet motors that do not have any bearings
  • Direct drive – the motor is mounted directly on the shaft of the spiral
  • Unlimited number of starts/stops
  • Shutdown instead of running idle to save energy; the compressor does not have an unloaded state
  • High-efficiency frequency converters with the latest Vector control technology
  • Smooth, soft start; the starting current is always lower than during full load
  • Dimensioned for continuous 24/7 operation
  • Stable constant pressure
  • The automatic coolant temperature control prevents the accumulation of water condensate
  • Coolers enlarged by 30%
  • Latest generation of microprocessor control with remote access capability
ModelPower consumption
bar g
mm (LxWxH)
Pipe connection
ZS- 22PM-7221,27-3,771200x800x1100450R1
ZS- 22PM-8221,17-3,681200x800x1100450R1
ZS- 22PM-10221,07-3,5101200x800x1100450R1
ZS- 30PM-7301,80-5,271200x800x1100510R1
ZS- 30PM-8301,7-5,081200x800x1100510R1
ZS- 37PM-7372,13-6,571300x900x1270680R1 1/2
ZS- 37PM-8372,03-6,381300x900x1270680R1 1/2
ZS- 37PM-10371,9-5,8101300x900x1270680R1 1/2
ZS- 45PM-7452,6-8,171300x950x1370730R1 1/2
ZS- 45PM-8452,47-881300x950x1370730R1 1/2
ZS- 45PM-10452,23-7,1101300x950x1370730R1 1/2
ZS- 55PM-7553,4-10,471800x1200x15501230Rc 2
ZS- 55PM-8553,27-10,181800x1200x15501230Rc 2
ZS- 55PM-10552,9-8,7101800x1200x15501230Rc 2
ZS- 75PM-7754,53-13,671800x1200x15501280Rc 2
ZS- 75PM-8754,33-13,381800x1200x15501280Rc 2
ZS- 75PM-10753,87-11,8101800x1200x15501280Rc 2
ZS- 90PM-7905,43-16,572000x1620x16922850DN65
ZS- 90PM-8905,30-1682000x1620x16922850DN65
ZS- 90PM-10904,83-14,5102000x1620x16922850DN65
ZS- 90PM-12,5901,6-12,812,52000x1620x16922850DN65
ZS- 110PM-71106,77-20,372000x1620x16922900DN65
ZS- 110PM-81106,33-2082000x1620x16922900DN65
ZS- 110PM-101105,67-17,5102000x1620x16922900DN65
ZS- 110PM-12,51105,46-15,612,52000x1620x16922900DN65
ZS- 132PM-71328-24,572700x1750x18503600DN65
ZS- 132PM-81327,67-2482700x1750x18503600DN65
ZS- 132PM-101326,83-21102700x1750x18503600DN65
ZS- 132PM-12,51326,41-1812,52700x1750x18503600DN65